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A new car!

Nothing gets the Price is Right crowd going like those three words. But now it's Oprah's turn:

Talk show host Oprah Winfrey celebrated the premiere of her 19th season Monday by surprising each of her 276 audience members with a new car ... Winfrey said the audience members were chosen because their friends or family had written to the show about their need for a new car. One woman's young son said she drove a car that "looks like she got into a gunfight"; another couple had almost 400,000 miles on their two vehicles.

I wonder if the anti-sprawl types will take her to task for this ... Even though welfare advocates from all political stripes agree that auto ownership is a great way for poor people to get better jobs. And hey, if her audience members stop driving their 400K clunkers, she's actually improving air quality, too.

Ted Balaker is Producer

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