Leaving a legacy of freedom

Reason Foundation launched the Vox Perpetua society in 2018 as a way for us to recognize our most loyal donors, those whose intentional and generous giving has and will ensure a future where the ideas of liberty can flourish.

Vox Perpetua members are donors who have recognized Reason in their estate planning, or have supported Reason consistently for decades.

As we continue to advance the cause of free minds and free markets, Vox Perpetua members will help us carry the torch of freedom.

If you have included Reason in your estate planning, please let us know so that we may also recognize you as a member of Vox Perpetua. To learn more about planned giving, please go here. If you have questions or would like our assistance in setting up a planned gift, please contact Brittney Paul at britt.paul@reason.org or 310-740-8584.

Vox Perpetua Members

Linda Archibald
Anonymous, TN-SC
Armstrong Foundation
Marel Bates
Sidney W. Benson, Ph.D.
Larry Berkbigler
John W. Berresford
Dan Braden
Theodore Buddine
Timothy W. Butcher
Jim Caruso
John & Nancy Celick
Charles H. Chandler
Peter Cole
Richard Combs
Dorian Crocker
Rex Crookshanks
Ervan Darnell
Jeremy S. Davis
Donna L. De Mayo
Donald Dean
ArLyne Diamond, Ph.D.
Dan Dougherty
Prof. R. Paul Drake
Dunn Foundation
Bryan & Mary Jeanne Elliott
Rodger D. Elliot
Stew Engel
Bill Farley
Fred Fernandes
Stephen Fitzsimmons
Jean & David Fleming
George F. Foot, Jr.
Deanne French
Gregory Gandrud
Terry & Carolyn Gannon
Paul Glenn
Neal Goldman & Marlene Mieske
Louis H. Graf
Deecy Gray
Matthew Greco
Norman Greenberg
Michael Grossberg
Dan Grossman
Donald W. Hall
Henry E. Haller III
Robert & Joanne Hardie
The Hilberg Family/In memory of John Victor Hilberg
Michael Hlavna
David D. Hoesly
Robert Hoffman
Norma Horvitz
Jim & Jane Huddle
J.W. and Ida M. Jameson Foundation
Joseph J. Jacobs
Arthur & Marina Jacobson
David & Constance Jenkins
Malcolm Johnson
Dr. Robert Johnson
Dr. Gerson Kaplan
David Koch
Will Kopf
Bruce Lagasse
Ann Lauritzen
Walter Lehman
Ervis Lester
Wiley P. Long, III
John Mackey
Jack Marshall
Joseph Martino
Brian G. Mason
Sara Baase Mayers & Keith Mayers
Patrick K. McAleer
Dr. Jack D. McCarthy M.D.
Brian McNeill
Roy Miller
Modzelewski Charitable Trust
William Morris
Brad Morse
Brian Nalbone
Geoffrey S. Nathan
Don Northam
Jeffrey Oliver
Ronald A. Paris
Gralee Parr
Bill and Barbara Pennock
Steven D. Persky
John Pollard
Bob Poole & Lou Villadsen
Paul Propp
Ralph Smeed Private Memorial Foundation
William Redpath
Edward Rice
Richard Rider
James Rodney
Jonathan Sales
Carol & Jack Sanders
Joël Sanders
Sarah Scaife Foundation
E.S. Savas
Robert & Jo Ann Scott
Gary LeRoy Seger
Susan Self
Dagny Sharon
Clifford Slater
Robert W. Smiley, Jr.
Carolyn Swanson
Keith Terranova
Margaret C. Thomson & Brian Thomson
Richard C. Thurber
James Turbett
Harriet R. Ward Estate
Steven Way
Robert M. Weekley
Prof. Robert Weissberg
The Welch Family Trust
Kerry and Helen Welsh
Steven Weynand
Harry L. White
Paul C. Wolfgang, Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. Steven Woskow, Ph.D.
Robert Zdanky
Robert Zimmerman