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OK city planning to condemn churches

Sand Springs, OK has $ in its eyes.

Since the Supreme Court's controversial Kelo decision last summer,
eminent domain has entered a new frontier. It's not just grandma's
house we have to worry about. Now it's God's house, too. "I guess
saving souls isn't as important," says Reverend Gildon, his voice wry, "as raking in money for politicians to spend." The town of Sand
Springs, Oklahoma, has plans to take Centennial Baptist – along with
two other churches, several businesses, dozens of small homes, and a
school – and replace them with a new "super center," rumored to include a Home Depot. It's the kind of stuff that makes tax collectors salivate. It's also the kind of project that brakes for no one, especially post-Kelo. "I had no idea this could happen in America," says Reverend Gildon, after spending Monday morning marching in the Sand Springs Martin Luther King Day parade

Whole story here.

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