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Federal Govt Finances Innovative Congestion Relief Programs

In case you missed it: The federal government's Value Pricing Program has announced $6 million in grants to fund pilot projects to reduce congestion through value pricing on 14 May. The San Francisco Bay Area will get $3.2 million to implement roadway pricing on SR 237 Express Connectors and the Seattle Area will get $1.3 million for an Express Lanes Concept Study.

According to the press release from the Federal Highway Adminsitration (FHWA):

"In San Francisco's Bay area, roadway pricing will be used on the SR 237 Express Connectors to relieve bottlenecks at a key gateway into Silicon Valley. Minnesota's Twin Cities and Washington's Puget Sound will use their funds to study the benefits of pricing on major highways. New York will advance a truck pricing system to cut traffic at the I-90/I-290 interchange east of Buffalo where commercial trucks account for one in four vehicles."

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Comments to "Federal Govt Finances Innovative Congestion Relief Programs":

John Thacker | May 26, 2009, 11:09am | #

Nice to see that this isn't completely killed. One of the better Bush Administration programs was pushing for reasonable road and congestion pricing. LaHood and the Obama Administration initially gave indications that they would be backing away from tolls, but it seems that reality (and the difficulty of passing other transportation funding sources) has had some effect.

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