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Back to School Boycott

    The two largest U.S. teachers' unions joined a "back to school" boycott against Wal-Mart Stores, targeting one of the year's busiest shopping seasons to protest the retailer's labor practices.

    The 2.7 million-member National Education Association, the biggest U.S. union, and the 1.3 million-member American Federation of Teachers is teaming with the United Food and Commercial Workers in urging shoppers to stay away from the world's largest retailer and buy school supplies elsewhere, a release from the food workers' "Wake-Up Wal-Mart" group said.

But Im sure when Wal-Mart is discussed in the classroom both sides of the debate are presented to the impressionable kiddos. Riiiiight.

Article here.

For more on the ever-intensifying campaign against WM, go here.

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