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Anti-offshoring bill pulled in Colorado

This just in:

    The sponsor of a Senate bill to bar Colorado from using offshore workers to perform state services pulled the plug on the measure Tuesday after budget analysts said it would cost taxpayers $24 million.

    The death of Senate Bill 23 represents the second year in a row that the bill - sponsored by Lakewood Democrat Sen. Deanna Hanna - has failed ...

    Republicans and Gov. Bill Owens attacked SB 23, charging it would force higher taxpayer costs, hamstring contractors and scare away foreign companies ...

    Sen. Jim Dyer, R-Centennial, called the legislation's demise "healthy," saying the $24 million price tag probably was too low ...

    This year, the Colorado Department of Personnel & Administration calculated the bill would raise costs by $28 million to $73 million.

But Hanna promises to come back next year, with yet another bill. And you can bet she'll bring her government-as-jobs-program worldview with her:

    "We owe it to the people of Colorado to keep good-paying jobs in our country," Hanna said on the Senate floor.

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