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Another reason for optimism?

This article suggests Bush will push for market based reforms, particularly with regard to private Social Security accounts:

Mindful of the political dangers, many Congressional Republicans have shown little appetite for the issue, particularly when approaching a midterm election.

But Michael Tanner, director of the Project on Social Security Choice at the Cato Institute and an advocate of such accounts, said the White House was clearly intending a major push. "People in the White House use the term 'legacy issue,' so I think it's something he's likely to come at very quickly and put some real political capital behind," Mr. Tanner said.

Politicians are, of course, obsessed with getting re-elected. And when they can't get re-elected they get obsessed with their legacy. (Remember Clinton's scramble to give his image a nice grooming for the history books.) That Bush apparently considers this a legacy issue is perhaps the best reason to be optimistic about something good happening.

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