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A Radical Reform Idea For Health Care that is Not ObamaCare

David Goldhill writing in the Atlantic:

To achieve maximum coverage at acceptable cost with acceptable quality, health care will need to become subject to the same forces that have boosted efficiency and value throughout the economy. We will need to reduce, rather than expand, the role of insurance; focus the government’s role exclusively on things that only government can do (protect the poor, cover us against true catastrophe, enforce safety standards, and ensure provider competition); overcome our addiction to Ponzi-scheme financing, hidden subsidies, manipulated prices, and undisclosed results; and rely more on ourselves, the consumers, as the ultimate guarantors of good service, reasonable prices, and sensible trade-offs between health-care spending and spending on all the other good things money can buy.

The interesting thing about Goldhill—he's a businessman, a media executive. And he's a democrat. And his father was killed by inefficienies in the current health care system. He wants to reform the current health care paradigm in many ways. Yet, he thinks the ObamaCare proposals are going about it entirely the wrong way. Check out the whole article here.

Anthony Randazzo is Director of Economic Research

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Comments to "A Radical Reform Idea For Health Care that is Not ObamaCare":

Diamond | August 22, 2009, 12:10am | #

Thanks for giving your own insight for what health care reform is all about. The health care costs that are indicated to be wasteful are behavioral, clinical, and procedural – what that means is that behavioral patterns could be addressed by someone other than a doctor, clinics order unnecessary tests, and health insurance companies might be padding their bills. The biggest cause of people needing an extra cash advance for medical care is overtesting – unnecessary procedures so the physician can cover himself legally, or just gouge patients for cash. Doctors padding bills – no wonder health care costs drive people to needing a personal loan for a simple check up

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