• Surface Transportation Innovations # 59

    Topics include: PPPs vs. traditional projects; PIRG on toll concessions; smart growth won't cut GHGs; bridge conditions one year later; tolling in California; tolls beat taxes in UCLA/USC study; and other news.

  • Surface Transportation Innovations # 58

    Topics include: USDOT's reform proposal; Congress stuck in old paradigm; further thoughts on McKinsey GHG report; America's second HOT network; how motorists are responding to high gas prices; premium lanes for New Jersey Turnpike; and other news.

  • Surface Transportation Innovations # 57

    Topics include: cost-effective greenhouse gas reduction; private-sector toll roads' cost of capital; short-sea shipping; long-range transportation planning questioned; state DOT use of contractors; and other news.

  • Surface Transportation Innovations # 56

    Topics include: new threat to HOT lanes; Georgia DOT's truck lanes study; risky start-up toll roads; $4 gasoline's impacts; what about "mode neutrality"?; greenhouse gases and urban sprawl; and other news.

  • Surface Transportation Innovations # 55

    Topics include: electric cars-this time for real?; toll concessions-one size does not fit all; cost of crashes vs. costs of congestion; where can toll truckways be built?; pension fund investment in toll roads; new data on toll road safety; and other news

  • Surface Transportation Innovations # 54

    Topics include: robust public support for tolling; HOT lanes for the U.K.; Pennsylvania Turnpike lease; gasoline prices and driver behavior; rethinking the federal surface transportation program; food and transportation; and other news.

  • Surface Transportation Innovations # 53

    Topics include: the other national commission's interim report; the other shoe drops in Texas; strange truck lanes assessment in Georgia; busways as HOT lanes?; update on Indiana Toll Road; and other news.

  • Surface Transportation Innovations # 52

    Topics include: what to make of the National Commission recommendations; New Jersey confuses taxing and tolling; Seattle area ready for road pricing?; what now for Dulles Rail?; CO2 and traffic congestion; Japan's amazing highway sound walls; and other ne

  • Surface Transportation Innovations # 51

    Topics include: Oregon's mileage fee pilot program; undercutting future SoCal HOT lanes; the"foreign investment" controversy; new PPP coalition launched; Hutchison amendment threatens HOT lanes; technology responses to road pricing; and other news.