• Surface Transportation Innovations # 53

    Topics include: the other national commission's interim report; the other shoe drops in Texas; strange truck lanes assessment in Georgia; busways as HOT lanes?; update on Indiana Toll Road; and other news.

  • Surface Transportation Innovations # 52

    Topics include: what to make of the National Commission recommendations; New Jersey confuses taxing and tolling; Seattle area ready for road pricing?; what now for Dulles Rail?; CO2 and traffic congestion; Japan's amazing highway sound walls; and other ne

  • Surface Transportation Innovations # 51

    Topics include: Oregon's mileage fee pilot program; undercutting future SoCal HOT lanes; the"foreign investment" controversy; new PPP coalition launched; Hutchison amendment threatens HOT lanes; technology responses to road pricing; and other news.

  • Surface Transportation Innovations # 50

    Topics include: an economist's look at urban transportation policy; Miami toll truckway proposed to ease port traffic congestion; low-cost bus lines; 10th anniversary of Toronto's 407ETR; what if there were "green" cars?; last "6320" toll road going priva

  • Surface Transportation Innovations # 49

    Topics include: broader support for PPPs; universal farecards for transit; market pricing of parking; toll truckways and LCVs; reducing congestion in Seattle; follow-up on eliminating toll booths; and other news.

  • Surface Transportation Innovations # 48

    Topics include: getting rid of toll booths; transit system report shows progress, limits; stopping sprawl to "save the planet;" federal grant for a toll bridge?; cost-effective four-laning; new congestion measures in Atlanta; and other news.

  • Surface Transportation Innovations # 47

    Topics include: FTA embraces HOT/BRT lanes; Indiana Toll Road one year later; thinking through long-term PPPs; cars vs. transit for the job-seeking poor; greenhouse policy run amok; and other news.

  • Surface Transportation Innovations # 46

    Topics include: impact of Minnesota bridge collapse; underestimating the role for tolls and PPPs; National Infrastructure Bank: a bad idea; time for California to switch to HOT lanes; cars vs. transit: packets vs. circuits; and other news.

  • Surface Transportation Innovations #45

    Topics include: freight rail as congestion-reliever?; more information on bus vs. rail transit; congestion and economic health; new Reason policy papers; and other news.