Reason Day at FreedomFest!

  •  July 8, 2015
     8:00 am

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It’s nearly time for FreedomFest! Please join Reason in Las Vegas July 8-11 for three days of great presentations, thought-provoking films, and conversations with others who care about liberty. In addition to Reason’s booth on the trade show floor, you are cordially invited to hear Reason’s roster of speakers at Reason Day on Saturday, July 11. We’ll also be featured on Friday, July 10, with Nick Gillespie and Matt Welch giving a keynote address on the “libertarian moment” and Matt and Ron Bailey participating in a debate on mandatory vaccines.

Details about Reason’s speaker panels are below, and more information is available on the FreedomFest website at http://freedomfest.com/agenda/. To register for FreedomFest, visit the website at http://freedomfest.com/register-now/ . Special rates apply for students and young professionals–just check the website for details. Also, for a $150 one-day pass for Reason Day, please choose “Day Pass Only” from the drop-down menu at Attendee Role.

Reason Speakers at Freedom Fest

Friday, July 10 

How to Make the Libertarian Moment PERMANENT!

Nick Gillespie and Matt Welch

What does the future of free minds and free markets look like? Nick Gillespie and Matt Welch lay out a roadmap to a future of unfettered freedom.

Should Vaccines Be Mandatory?

Ronald Bailey, Dr. Bob Sears, and Matt Welch (moderator)

A significant proportion of Americans believe it is perfectly all right to put other people at risk of the costs and misery of preventable infectious diseases. Is this acceptable, or are mandatory vaccines the answer? Join two experts on the topic as they debate the facts. 

Saturday, July 11: Reason Day

Fast Cars and Fast Highways: Transforming Our Highways for the 21st Century

Bob Poole

It is time to re-envision a way to fund highways in a way that makes sense for the 21st century and beyond. Join Bob Poole for a discussion of how to end congestion–and how we can pay for it. 

Sex and Speech on Campus: From Freedom to Fuggeddaboutit

Nick Gillespie and Robby Soave

It’s hard to pick up a newspaper without encountering egregious cases of P.C. orthodoxy that shut down free expression and demonize virtually all sexual contact at universities. Reason’s Nick Gillespie and Robby Soave explain what’s happening on today’s college campuses–and what can be done to make colleges vibrant once again.

The End of Doom: How Human Ingenuity Will Save the World

Ronald Bailey

Are we really facing environmental crises–or does the future look better than pundits have always predicted? Join Ron Bailey for a discussion of how falling cancer rates, reduced costs of clean energy, population stability, and innovative cures to pollution Bailey offer a balanced and hopeful vision of humanity’s future.

Spirituality vs. Materialism

Ronald Bailey, John Mackey, Marc Gafni, Michael Shermer, and Alexander Green (moderator)

Spirituality might be defined as the search for internal happiness, while materialism might be defined as the search for external happiness. Which is more important? Join us for a panel discussion of spirituality vs. materialism.

What’s New in Education and School Choice?

Lisa Snell, Rebecca Friedrichs, Adam Guillette, Matt Ladner, and Bob Bowdon (moderator)

What are the latest trends that are helping students succeed? Join us for a roundtable on the innovations that are boosting student achievement.

How Think Tanks Make A Difference

David Nott, Peter Goettler, Chris Long, and Elizabeth Ames (moderator) 

Join the presidents of three influential think tanks, including Reason President and CEO David Nott, to hear how think tanks provide the intellectual ammunition for the future of political and cultural change. 

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