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Anthony Randazzo

Director of Economic Research

Director of Economic Research
Reason Foundation
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Anthony Randazzo is director of economic research for Reason Foundation, a nonprofit think tank advancing free minds and free markets. He specializes in public pension research, housing finance, and federal economic policy. Randazzo has also testified before the House Financial Services Committee on topics related to housing policy and government-sponsored enterprises. In addition, he works frequently on labor policy, tax policy, monetary policy, and Turkish-U.S. political and economic issues.

Randazzo's work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Barron's, Bloomberg View, The Washington Times, The Detroit News, Chicago Sun-Times, RealClearMarkets, Reason magazine and various other online and print publications. Prior to joining Reason, he worked at The Policy Center in New York, as well as a freelance journalist and legal assistant. 

Randazzo graduated from The King's College with a B.A. in politics, philosophy, and economics. Additionally, he is currently an adjunct lecturer at The King's College in New York City, teaching history of economic thought.

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