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Want to subsidize that stadium? Donít forget the ìhunker-downî and ìskedaddleî factors

Ted Balaker
June 26, 2006, 4:46pm

According to the study, NBA Finals games produce a modest boost in economic activity, but not enough to make up for drain other playoff games bring. Certain pro game seem to generate revenue. The Super Bowl was the biggest winner and political conventions were the biggest losers. Often adjacent businesses don't get much in the way of positive impact because fans spend their dollars inside the stadium. But hey, if owners of pro sports teams want to build fancy stadiums with their own dough, then more power to 'em. And how about all that civic pride and free pub? Article here; UTA study here. (Thanks to Stacey for the tip.) Len recently pointed to this: Related: Subsidies and Lies Related: "large public subsides cannot be justified on economic grounds" Related: Big Box Boondoggles

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