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Ted Balaker
March 7, 2006, 10:47am

Every once in a while, I've added examples to the Wal-Mart Foe Hyperbole Watch (bottom of post). Now comes one act of hyperbole that will be tough to top: Let's see, selling cheap stuff versus rounding up millions of innocent people and murdering them. It's unlikely that such self-righteous pap will win over many people to the anti WM side. WM's efforts to try to stop Smith from selling his shirts are stupid and wrong. The man should have the right to sell his silly shirts, but stuff like this probably helps the critics of WM critics make the point that many foes of the biggest box have completely lost it. Article here. Related: A preacher who says WM offers slave jobs and the jobseekers who disagree with him. Related: Wal-Mart, a Progressive Success Story, here and here.

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