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Samuel Staley
December 15, 2009, 9:23am

The American Dream Coalition has distributed another set of links to new materials and news articles on transportation:

Congestion, Safety & Driverless Cars (Podcast) – Randal O’Toole, Cato Institute
Privatizing Rest Stops Allows States to Serve Motorists and Increase Revenues – Ron Utt, Heritage

Tolled expressway touted as traffic solution – Cape Coral Daily Breeze, Florida

No Transportation Superprojects? No Problem – Autopia

Obama administration calls for federal regulation of rail lines – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

White House pushes rail safety standards that would affect DART – Dallas Morning News

Pollution from rail feared – Honolulu Star-Bulletin

Transit Agencies Favor Expensive Utopian Schemes Because It Validates Egos and Expands the Agency
– Outcomes, Not Intentions

South Davis light rail long on ideas, short of cash – Salt Lake Tribune

Sacramento Light Rail Expansion Gets $38 Million in House Bill – News10-ABC, California

Muni stabbing suspect is charged in 5th attack – San Jose Mercury News

Light Rail Confuses Drivers, Causes Crashes – KPHO-5, Phoenix

Sacramento light-rail train hits car; 1 injured – Sacramento Bee

Madison County Commission outlaws speed humps and speed tables –, Alabama

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