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Time to Revamp Endangered Species Act

Leonard Gilroy
January 9, 2005, 11:14am

Calling the Endangered Species Act "broken," PERC's Randy Simmons recently issued a call to dramatically revamp the way we protect endangered species. Simmons' plan revolves around the idea of "environmental federalism" : Simmons also makes the excellent point that the ESA provides precisely the wrong incentives to property owners. Rather than rewarding landowners for habitat conservation, the ESA has created more of an incentive for them to destroy potential habitat to avoid the types of severe restrictions on property use that would follow if a protected species were to eventually make a home there: Read the whole thing. And be sure to check out this piece by Reason's Michael De Alessi, which explores ESA further and answers the question, "What has the ESA really accomplished in the past three decades?"

Leonard Gilroy is Director of Government Reform

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