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The best defense against hurricanes

Ted Balaker
November 17, 2005, 3:01pm

In this interesting article, Don Boudreaux examines hurricanes that have hit the U.S. since 1900. Six of the 10 most powerful hurricanes have hit during the past half-century. But, of the 10 deadliest, only two occurred during the past half-century (Katrina and Audrey in '57). Don argues that we're better able to survive natural disasters because we're wealthier: The importance of wealth was obvious when Hurricane Mitch killed 10,000 people in Honduras in 1998. A hurricane of similar intensity killed only 9 people in Texas in 1979. This point is often overlooked by those who worry about global warming. Often the debate centers on whether the earth is warming and whether we humans are to blame. Far less attention is paid to how we can make ourselves more resilient in the face of whatever Mother Nature throws our way.

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