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Taxpayer's Guide to the Stimulus:
13. Public Health Spending

Location in Stimulus Bill:
Division B, Titles III, IV, V and Division A, Title VIII

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Summary: Over $160 billion of the stimulus is given to programs through Medicare, Medicaid, National Institutes of Health, and COBRA insurance, and for developing Health Information Technology (IT) systems.

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During the period preceding the economic crisis, states spent four times more than the rate of inflation plus growth in population. This spending binge has led to the financial troubles states face today. The money given to states, such as the $87 billion FMAP Medicaid funding, simply covers the fiscal failure of states and does nothing to discourage future frivolous spending. This increase in public health spending moves the country closer to a publicly funded health care system that will decrease choice in providers, increase wait times for treatment, and put the government in charge of approving who gets access to what services and who is out of luck.

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