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Sprawl Brawl Continues

Ted Balaker
April 11, 2006, 10:18am

In this TCS Daily piece I cite a recent study which found that slender people in the Chicago area are concentrated in suburban areas, not in the urban core. But now the lead author admits to errors in the study: Article here. In other words, the big-picture point I made in the TCS piece still holds: Since there's a much stronger correlation between education and obesity than urban form and obesity, maybe fat-fighters should work on getting high school drop outs back to school. And if there's a bigger-picture point, it's this: New technologies have long made life less physically demanding. From animal-powered carts to TV remotes, there's always something new that let's us get a task done easier and faster. What will we do with that extra time? Some will head to the gym. Others will head the couch. That's what personal choice is all about. Preserving that freedom of choice is (gasp) even more important than preserving slim waists.

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