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Societal fabric up in smoke

Skaidra Smith-Heisters
April 10, 2008, 7:36pm

This just in:
"Supporting marijuana use is an example of domestic terrorism – it puts the public at great risk and threatens the very fabric of our society." --Ron Brooks, president of the National Narcotics Officers' Association
In labeling the vast majority of Californians "terrorists," it seems that Brooks, a Californian himself, must have graduated from the same school of hyperbole as Drug Czar John Walters. If so, they couldn't have been chummy classmates, however. In an interview a year ago Brooks called for a troop surge in the War on Drugs, saying "The drug war has really faltered. It has taken a back seat to other issues under Drug Czar John Walters."

Skaidra Smith-Heisters is Policy Analyst

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