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Scoring the mayors

Ted Balaker
April 17, 2005, 9:50am

Here's Time's list of the best and worst big city mayors. Staffers apparently put their heads together with a bunch of "urban experts" to come up with the list. (Chicago's Daley is on top). Here's their approach: Funds that cities forever lack? Hmmm. Are cities forever lacking funds or forever mismanaging them? And acting on a "grand scale" makes me nervous. The mag points to Denver's John Hickenlooper (who should win an award for his name alone) as someone who did just that: What if he had proposed a less grand plan that did a better job of improving transportation? Would Time magazine still ooh and ahh over him? Anyhow, let's just get to what people really care about. Here are Time's worst mayors: Dick Murphy, Kwame Kilpatrick, and John Street.

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