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Red light camerasógood at raising revenue, not so good at reducing accidents

Ted Balaker
April 2, 2006, 4:32pm

They've generated nearly $3 million, but According to this piece from The Newspaper, Virginia and West Virginia have recently ended the practice of photo-ticketing. For a round-up of red light camera studies, go here. For more on regulating for revenue/government greed, go here, here, and here (note: parking cops are "revenue enhancers," not "congestion cutters," "pollution reducers," or anything that has to do with the efficient use of curb space for shoppers, residents, etc.) In other highway news, an Ohio lawmaker introduced a bill that would stiffen fines for "urine bombs." The bill comes in response to an Ohio DOT study that found that each year nearly 1 million containers of urine are dumped along roads. Article here; via Fark.

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