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Reason Alert: School Reform, Earth Day and Atlas Shrugged

Plus a special all-Reason Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano on "What is a libertarian?"

April 22, 2011

- The Irresistible Force of School Reform Meets the Immovable Object
- Earth Day: The Top Five Environmental Disasters that Didn't Happen
- With Apologies to Dr. Seuss: The Spendits
- Atlas Shrugged Producers Interview
- Reason Magazine and Judge Andrew Napolitano Answer the Question:
"What's a Libertarian?" Tonight on Fox Business at 8 pm Eastern
- The War on Cameras
- New at Reason
The Irresistible Force of School Reform Meets the Immovable Object
In her Reason magazine cover story, Katherine Mangu-Ward asks: "Is 2011 finally the year for serious education reform? There is no denying that U.S. schools are ripe for reform. Per-pupil education spending has doubled in the last three decades, while test scores have remained stubbornly flat. American kids squat solidly in the middle of the pack in international testing, with 15-year-olds ranking about average in math and reading, slightly below average in science. Dropout rates in major cities are approaching 50 percent. But schools have been this bad for a long time...[President] Obama got one thing right in his State of the Union speech, at least on the federal level: 'Race to the Top is the most meaningful reform of our public schools in a generation.' That's true: A program that doled out a measly $4 billion in chunks ranging from $75 million to $700 million probably is the biggest step the U.S. government has taken toward school reform in a couple of decades. Which is a sad commentary on recent history...There may be an emerging bipartisan consensus that education policy needs a massive and urgent overhaul. But if the reformers are becoming an irresistible force, the education establishment remains one of the great immovable objects in American politics. Superman may be visible overhead, but the landscape is littered with Kryptonite."
Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush on How to Fix the Education System
Reason Interview With Joel Klein, Former Chancellor of New York City Schools
Jay Greene: Expanding the Number and Quality of Choices That Parents Have
Earth Day: The Top Five Environmental Disasters that Didn't Happen
In 1962, Rachel Carson's best-selling book Silent Spring was published. And ever since, we've been warned about imminent environmental disasters that ultimately didn't happen. We all worried needlessly about acid rain, "Frankenfoods," and more. lists the top five environmental disasters that didn't happen.
With Apologies to Dr. Seuss: The Spendits
At, A. Barton Hinkle writes:
In the kingdom of Whatsis, on the Island of Ooze,
Lived a gaggle of Spendits of two different hues.
Each Spendit was feathered, each Spendit was plump,
Each walked with a kind of galumpety-lump.
They all looked alike, although it is true
Some Spendits were Red, and others were Blue.
Read the rest here.
Friday Funnies: The President's Tax Plan
Atlas Shrugged Producers Interview
After Atlas Shrugged opened in theaters last week, Editor Nick Gillespie interviewed producers John Aglialoro, Harmon Kaslow, and Mike Marvin, and actor Matthew Marsden (he plays James Taggart) live at Reason Weekend. They talked about the challenges of making the film on a tight budget and an even tighter deadline; how Rand's politics play in Hollywood; where the inspiration for the film came from; how the train and other memorable scenes were shot; whether there's any truth to the rumors that Atlas Shrugged Part III will be a musical; and then they answer audience questions, including when to expect Atlas Shrugged Parts II and III.
More of Reason's Atlas Shrugged Coverage
Reason Magazine and Judge Andrew Napolitano Answer the Question:
"What's a Libertarian?" Tonight on Fox Business at 8 pm Eastern
Fox Business Network is scheduled to re-air the special "What's a libertarian?" episode of Judge Andrew Napolitano's Freedom Watch, which features Reason magazine's Matt Welch, Nick Gillespie and Katherine Mangu-Ward for the full hour. They discuss freedom, liberty, government spending, what the government should and shouldn't do, the economy, the Tea Party, war powers and more.  The show is expected to air tonight at 8 pm Eastern as well as on Sunday at 7 pm and 11 pm Eastern.
Upcoming Reason Television Appearances:
Gillespie on Fox News Channel's Red Eye With Greg Gutfeld, Tuesday Morning, 3 am Eastern
Gillespie on the Judge's Freedom Watch Tuesday April 26 on Fox Business, 8 pm Eastern
Watch Recent TV Appearances:
Matt Welch on the Budget-Busting Power of CA Prison Guards on Varney and Co. Today
Matt Welch Talks About the Debt Ceiling on Freedom Watch
Tim Cavanaugh Discusses Privatizing City Services With Judge Napolitano
The War on Cameras
Last night, Reason magazine's Radley Balko sat down with John Stossel to discuss his Reason magazine cover story on police officers arresting and jailing taxpayers for simply videotaping them in public places. You can watch the interview here. It is also scheduled to re-air on Fox Business on Saturday and Sunday at 9 pm Eastern.
Stossel: It Shouldn't Be a Crime to Record the Cops
New at Reason
A Whole Foods Fight In Boston
Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson Makes His Presidential Run Official
Online Poker's Real Victim Is the Government
Why Should Anyone Go to Prison for Helping People Play Cards?
Paul Krugman's "23 Percent Solution" and Historical Levels of Government Revenue
The Flaws in Rep. Paul Ryan’s Budget Plan
If Washington Is So Great, Let's All Pay for It
Kim Kardashian, Others, Protest President Obama's Broken Promises
The Truth About Health Care Reform and the Economy
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