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Protecting workers all the way to the unemployment line

Ted Balaker
January 24, 2007, 7:28pm

A Colorado state lawmaker plans to introduce a law that would exempt bars from a statewide anti-smoking law. Bars interested in the privilege would shell out an extra $500 for their liquor licenses. Note the D in front of the pro-freedom pol and the R in front of the nannystater: Banners like to say that anti-smoking laws don't really hurt businesses and the local anti-smoking activist claims that the ban is "about protecting workers." However: Remember, smoking's not allowed in the unemployment line: Of course, May doesn't buy that line. But who's most likely to understand how bans affect businesses? Ban-pushing pols or the business owners who have to balance the books each month? Article here. Meanwhile, the California city of Belmont has voted to delay what would be the nation's most restrictive smoking ban till at least March: Article here.

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