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Paying attention California?

Ted Balaker
January 31, 2005, 4:39pm

Last year California passed a law that would allow certain hybrid cars to use carpool lanes even if the driver had no one else in the car. However, the feds have to OK the move, so, for now, single occupant hybrids don't get the perk. Now part of the state's congressional delegation is trying to pry open carpool lanes for hybrids. But wait, as Len pointed out recently, Virginia recently opened up carpool lanes for hybrids. What happened? It made congestion worse, but allowing hybrids in carpool lanes also meant cops had to focus more of their time nabbing violators, not exactly their most important duty: And it's not like California cops don't have other things to deal with, especially now: The new hybrid models look just like regular cars, which makes law enforcement tougher. Quick, look at this Civic and this Civic. Which one is the hybrid? Oh, but yes, a special sticker is supposed to make it clear to cops which drivers are allowed in the carpool lanes. Better be a big sticker.

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