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Party Train Hits Denver

Ted Balaker
October 24, 2006, 7:04pm

Live bands, cheerleaders, mascots, free soup–what else could it be but another light rail celebration? This time Denver area railers let loose for the grand opening of the Southeast line. Flashback: At a 2003 groundbreaking ceremony in Seattle, amid the fireworks display, free bbq sandwiches, and live bands belting out classics like "Brick House," local dignitaries proclaimed that rail would help make their city "world class," and even lift the region's psyche. And at a 2005 Phoenix area shindig: Then there was Charlotte later in 2005, which included (shutter) a group hug among politicos: Think those three have gotten huggy since then? And these aren't always carefully-planned, publicly-funded events. Light rail has also been known to provoke spontaneous celebration. Andrew Brantingham and his roommate were so geeked up about Minneapolis' first light rail line that threw their own rager for the Hiawatha line. Related: Party-Pooping Economists

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