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Not surprising X 4

Ted Balaker
October 3, 2006, 1:05pm

1. Charlotte's light rail line shot up in price yet again: 2. The local paper continues to support light rail. Case in point: This piece by UNC-Charlotte Chancellor Phillip Dubois. He wants the debate to be "more mature": But wait, there's more: "[N]othing could be more important to [UNC-Charotte's] long-term future than light rail ..." Wow–really? It's more important than attracting top-notch students and professors? 3. Local officials in other cities continue to pine for rail. 4. Coverage from rail-free cities continues to look at rail through rose-colored glasses. In the Memphis article there's no mention of the troubles Charlotte has encountered. Apparently, the fact that rail has broken ground proves it's successful. After all, if it wasn't good policy, politicians wouldn't keep building it, right? Another misleading point: I bet that sounds awfully good to gridlock-wearing motorists. It's certainly much speedier than rush-hour traffic. Too bad light rail's average operating speed is only 16 mph. For the latest developments in Charlotte, check out The Meck Deck.

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