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Like it? Yeah. Use it? Nah

Ted Balaker
March 7, 2005, 5:04pm

The central point of the WaPo article referenced in the previous post is that folks in D.C. like Metro, but that doesn't mean they actually use it: And yet: Why don't more people use the subway? It's the same story we hear in other cities, both in America and worldwide: When you listen to commuters the issue really isn't' that mysterious : And note some of the assumptions embedded in this sentence which considers why more people don't use Metro: If a company offers a service and consumers don't use it, is it the consumer's fault for not using it or is it the company's fault for not offering a better service? The "car-obsessed" reference is a common one used by reporters. But motorists aren't "obsessed" with their cars any more than office workers are "obsessed" with their computers. Like computers, cars simply offer more speed, flexibility, and convenience than the other options. Once something better comes along this "obsession" will wither away.

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