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Latest PMA Scorecard Shows Mixed Results

Leonard Gilroy
January 19, 2005, 9:44pm

OMB's latest scorecard on federal agency implementation of the President's Management Agenda was released this week. It evaluates agencies according to the five key initiatives from the President's Management Agenda: human capital, competitive sourcing, financial performance, e-government, and budget/performance integration. The results were definitely mixed, with four agencies (Defense, Veteran's Affairs, the Office of Personnel Management and the Small Business Administation) experiencing declining scores in one of the five categories. But there were some bright spots as well. Six agencies (Commerce, Homeland Security, State, Treasury, the National Science Foundation and the Social Security Administration) improved their scores in at least one category, with Commerce and State improving in two categories each. Both improved to green (the highest level) in financial performance, for example. This piece by Kimberly Palmer examines the improvements and declines in greater detail and offers a balanced perspective on the overall report: Let's hope that Mr. Soloway is correct. The tougher the Administation is on agencies, the more their performance will improve and the more accountable they will be to the American taxpayers.

Leonard Gilroy is Director of Government Reform

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