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Land Use Micromanagement 101

Leonard Gilroy
June 21, 2005, 2:50pm

From Fairfax County, VA, a clinic in planning micromanagement: So far, so good...incentives, rather than mandates, are the no-brainer way to go in trying to influence behavior. Oh wait...they said carrots AND sticks... Duh...ya think?! This is Northern Virginia we're talking about here! Personalized traffic troubleshooters? Uhhhh..OK... Handy Zipcars? Now THAT's enticing... Ahhh...finally, in the very last paragraph, a welcome dose of sanity... Clever tactic by the planners here, though. Instead of directly penalizing people for their "undesirable" behavior, why not just pass it off to the developer and force upon them the burden of getting residents and workers to step into line. Devious, but clever nonetheless... And what about the really simple, obvious question here...isn't it unrealistic to think that you can achieve some massive shift to transit in this area when you're likely to have tons of folks either (1) commuting further westward to their jobs, or (2) coming to work at the new offices from Loudoun County or other westward locations? This is the last rail stop on the Orange line (see map)! For more on the smart growth nuttiness like this going on in NOVA, see here, here, and here.

Leonard Gilroy is Director of Government Reform

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