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If at first you donít succeed Ö

Ted Balaker
August 4, 2004, 1:28pm

Try, try again. It's a nice motto if you talking about personal growth. It's a different story when you're talking about using other people's money to pursue projects that have a long record of failure. And so, even as the Gold Line passes the one year mark registering ridership way below projections, LA proceeds with a Gold Line extension and an even longer light rail wish list. Light rail accounts for over one-third of the money that would be spent on this $9 billion transportation project "top 10" list. Of course this isn't just an LA fad: Studies have shown that light rail in Santa Clara County costs more and is among the slowest of any comparable system in the country. Still, millions are being invested in a line to Campbell that will open in 2006, and studies are under way to extend trains to Eastridge Shopping Center and down Capitol Expressway to Highway 87.

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