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How the New Congress Hurts

Ted Balaker
January 1, 2007, 10:51am

Like many frustrated-but-not-surprised libertarians, the GOP's congressional reign failed to meet my very low hopes. I took a "serves 'em right" attitude toward the R's recent defeat, and if I can muster any hope now it's for the effects of gridlock, not for the other team. A case in point comes from How Free Trade Hurts, a recent WaPo oped by Senators Byron Dorgan and Sherrod Brown: Greg Mankiw reacts: The Sens included the requisite "race to the bottom" canard and also continue to whip up fears about the trade deficit. Apparently Americans should yearn for the days when our nation boasted a trade surplus. A while ago Don Boudreaux (no link) offered an important reminder: Related: Dismantling another Dorganism

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