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How States and Territories Fund Transportation: A New Report

Shirley Ybarra
July 31, 2009, 12:10pm

A new report released by the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices details the states and territories funding for transportation entitled “How States and Territories Fund Transportation: An Overview of Traditional and Nontraditional Strategies. 

Transportation funding is not easy to understand due to the conglomeration of sources used.  This report makes a great effort to put all the states and territories in the same format for ease of understanding and comparison.  Two general areas are explored:  Traditional funding and non-traditional funding.  A short summary is provided below 

Traditional funding

Nontraditional and Innovative Funding and Financing

The report has extensive discussion of each of the elements of transportation funding and includes examples of innovative projects in the international arena.  There are numerous tables which compare all the states and territories on each of the funding mechanisms. 

At the end of report is an appendix with state by state (and territory) statistics including road lane mileage, airline passenger passengers, port traffic and transit ridership.   Also included in the tables are statistics for each of the traditional and non-traditional funding sources.

I highly recommend the report as a good new resource on transportation funding information.

Shirley Ybarra is Senior Transportation Policy Analyst

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