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Holding Hands with New Urbanists

Leonard Gilroy
April 19, 2005, 10:39am

Congress of New Urbanism President John Norquist (the former Milwaukee mayor) takes Steven Greenhut to task for his scathing slam on new urbanists last week. According to Norquist: If Norquist and the Congress for New Urbanism folks are serious about their commitment to opening the door for new urbanism in the marketplace while distancing themselves from the statist, regulatory hammer approach of the Smart Growthers, then we can indeed find a lot of common ground in our mutual pursuit towards removing regulatory obstacles to development innovation and allowing the housing market to respond to the wide range of consumer preferences. With all due respect to Greenhut (whose opinions I often share), I'd have to agree that his piece was a bit off-the-mark. It's easy to lump in the new urbanists with the smart growth movement since they often agree on desired outcomes in terms of urban form, but to claim equivalence between the two movements is simplistic and counterproductive. For more on the common ground between New Urbanists and libertarians, see this post.

Leonard Gilroy is Director of Government Reform

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