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Global Warming News Roundup, Part II

Leonard Gilroy
June 12, 2005, 11:35am

Last week I posted a roundup of global warming news, which seemed to spike as (1) Tony Blair visited the White House to lobby the Bush administration to sign on to a new global warming action plan at the upcoming G8 summit; and (2) the national science academies of all the G8 countries issued a statement urging immediate action to fight global warming. Here are a few more timely articles of interest: (1) Blair: US set for new climate change treaty (The Scotsman) Politics is always a fascinating sport, particularly when world leaders can herald a multilateral agreement in which the signitories basically agree to disagree. Kyoto advocates won't be happy with this one: (2) Forget global warming. Let's make a real difference (Telegraph) Skeptical Environmentalist author and Copenhagen Consensus organizer Bjorn Lomborg urges world leaders to get their priorities straight: (3) The Pickett's Charge of Climate Alarmism (Tech Central Station) CEI's Iain Murray takes a dim view of the joint national academies' statement: (4) Global warming cyclical, says climate expert (The Age) Some wisdom from Down Under: (5) Warmer, wetter and better (or the good news that the climate change lobby doesn't want you to hear) (Telegraph) (6) Betting on Climate Change (Reason Online) Reason's own Ron Bailey suggests an Erlich/Simon-esque bet among climate scientists: (7) Space measurements of carbon offer clearer view of Earth's climate future (European Space Agency) With the constant bombardment of talk about the 'urgent' need to limit carbon dioxide emissions, you'd think that the science was pretty solid. Not so fast, according to the European Space Agency: (hat tip:

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