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Global Warming News Roundup, Part I

Leonard Gilroy
June 7, 2005, 11:00am

Global warming is a hot news item today, as the issue was on the front burner during Tony Blair's White House visit yesterday (sorry, bad puns). Below is Part One of a roundup of some items worth noting. There's a theme here, which I'll comment on in a bit: (1) Bush seeks 'to know more' about global warming (Financial Times) (2) Nations told 'curb greenhouse gas to fight warming' (The Times) (3) Bush Aide Softened Greenhouse Gas Links to Global Warming (New York Times) As usual in the climate change debate, the key theme here is the so-called "scientific consensus" on global warming. Despite the loud claims of the environmental community and their media allies, this "consensus" is a mirage and pops like a pin-pricked balloon when subjected to deeper analysis. See here, here, here, and here for more on this. The wise Philip Stott of EnviroSpinWatch nails it today on the difficulty of communicating global warming skepticism to the public: And's Steven Milloy has a brilliant response to the NYT article, the intellectual equivalent of the "talk to the hand" gesture: A bit lengthier than the "if they can't predict the weather five days from now, why should we trust their 100-year climate change predictions" argument, but still nicely put.

Leonard Gilroy is Director of Government Reform

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