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Florida to Palm Beach County: Plan, or We'll Do It For You

Leonard Gilroy
January 20, 2005, 3:31pm

Here's an example of the kind of onerous situation that can arise under statewide growth management systems, like the ones in place in Florida and Oregon: Of course, I don't see any reason that farm owners whose properties are surrounded by more intensive land uses shouldn't be allowed to pursue development of their properties. Preserving farmland for farmland's sake doesn't make any sense, particularly when they effectively become infill opportunities vis-a-vis surrounding uses. But what I object to is the principle, whatever the motivation, that the state government should step in when it disagrees with a local or county government's land use regulation or zoning decisions. Here's what Sam Staley and Lynne Scarlett had to say about home rule in a 1997 Reason study: For more on the problems associated with statewide growth management, check out this 2001 study by Sam Staley and yours truly. (Via Planetizen)

Leonard Gilroy is Director of Government Reform

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