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Envisioning Houston's Future

Leonard Gilroy
September 26, 2005, 11:30am

Blogger Tory Gattis has an interesting series of posts on Envision Houston, a visioning project currently underway in Houston (links below). The goal is to gather input on what citizens want the city to look like in 30 years. Like most "smart growth"-esque citizen participation exercises, this visioning process is infused with a hearty dose of utopian wishful thinking, rather than a sober analysis grounded in economic reality. As Gattis writes: Having participated in similar visioning processes, I can attest that Gattis is spot on in this analysis. The "smart growth" solution looks great on paper when you don't have to balance it out with concern for costs, property rights, etc. He goes on to describe four models of future growth based on different combinations of concentrated vs. dispersed homes and jobs, and how those models might play into Houston's future. The whole series offers a thoughtful and balanced assessment of the visioning effort, and each section is well worth a read: Nice work, Tory. UPDATE: Check out this previous post discussing a similar visioning effort in the D.C. Metro area earlier this year.

Leonard Gilroy is Director of Government Reform

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