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New at Reason: Congress Didn't Learn Anything From the Financial Crisis

Anthony Randazzo
May 5, 2010, 5:00am

I have a new commentary out, continuing to point out errors in the Dodd bill. It is certainly the best version so far, but that is little solace when looking at mind twisting errors like the absence of credit rating agency reform. Just consider who is lined up to reform ratings agencies:

In the end, just as the stimulus has subtly made the real recovery process slower by interjecting a government funded end to the recession, the Dodd bill will chip away over time at financial markets. Like the stimulus, the Dodd bill won’t destroy Wall Street, but it will make us a less vibrant economically.

Read the article here: "Congress Didn't Learn Anything From the Financial Crisis."

Anthony Randazzo is Director of Economic Research

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