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CA Nibbles at Eminent Domain Abuse Problem

Adrian Moore
October 2, 2006, 3:23pm

The California Alliance to Protect Private Property Rights sent around this nice summary of recent property rights legislation signed by Gov. Schwarzenegger. Some good minor bits, but a long ways from any real restoration of property rights protections, or what Proposition 90 would provide. SB 53 (Kehoe) - Reduces the time period during which a redevelopment agency may use eminent domain, and requires a redevelopment agency to place a description of the agency's program for acquiring real property by eminent domain in its redevelopment plan. Read analysis on this bill by the Pacific Legal Foundation. SB 1206 (Kehoe) – Further defines the requirements property must meet to be considered blighted and requires bureaucratic reports be filed by the condemning agency. Read analysis on this bill. SB 1210 (Torlakson) – Makes changes to certain processes that relate to the taking of property by eminent domain. Read analysis on this bill. SB 1650 (Kehoe) – Places restrictions on a public agencies ability to use acquired land for a purposes other than the one originally stated or after a specified length of time. Read analysis on this bill. SB 1809 (Machado) – Amends the amount of time that local legislative bodies have to record a statement upon the adoption of a redevelopment plan, and places requirements on the format of these documents. Read analysis on this bill.

Adrian Moore is Vice President, Policy

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