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Bigger threat: Driving while phoning or legislating without thinking?

Ted Balaker
September 28, 2006, 4:11pm

Forget about whether these laws "cover" texting. Even if they do, good luck enforcing such a ban: What this article ignores is whether bans against using cell phones are doing more harm than good. Flashback: Don Boudreaux spots an unintended consequence of a DC driving-while-phoning ban: Maybe it would be better to let Carol and Ashley just talk on the phone: Reminds me of an AEI-Brookings study which noted other unintended consequences: If drivers cannot call ahead and say they will be late, they may speed. If drivers cannot call for directions, they may choose to read a map while driving. If they cannot save time by calling and driving, they may save time by eating and driving. Possibly related: Smarter Car Technology Being Ignored

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