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Backyard Appeal

Leonard Gilroy
August 25, 2005, 9:08am

Tory Gattis of the excellent blog Houston Strategies makes a great point about the push against backyards in favor of communal open space, a sentiment prevalent in smart growth and new urbanist schemas. Here's the whole thing (links omitted): I'd say that the ubiqitous presence of kids and dogs in the modern American family places a natural limit on the market demand for yard-less living. Personally, I've never been a big fan of having a yard to maintain, despite the pleasure I derive from amateur gardening. But having a kid instantly changed that appeal for me. While it's always fun to hop in the car to hit a local playground, I often think that it would be nice to just shuffle my daughter out the back door to hit the backyard swingset, followed by some splashing with the garden hose. Same thing with messy paints -- much more difficult in an apartment. These may seem like trivial matters, but these are precisely the kinds of intangibles that drive homebuying decisions, once you get past the basics like number of bedrooms and baths, kitchen quality, etc.

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