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Americaís Sweatiest City

Ted Balaker
July 9, 2006, 3:01pm

It's not Houston, not Miami either: If sweat production is what we're after, then maybe Old Spice's "sweaty" list should be mixed with Men's Fitness's annual "fattest" list. Old Spice measures the sweatiness of an average person (I think 175 lbs is the figure used), but why not use the average weight of folks from Phoenix, El Paso, etc. instead? Don't bigger bodies produce more sweat? Based on this approach, which city would be sweatiest? Actually, seems like many of the same cities–El Paso, San Antonio, Phoenix–would be at or near the top of the list. Other cities that score high on fat and (at least from my experience) sweat include Chicago, New Orleans, and New York. And for those of you who wonder how dry-heat Phoenix could out-sweat a giant sauna like Miami: Yet Americans don't seem to mind the sweatiness of the South and West that much. After all, the Sun Belt is where the most growth(pdf) is these days. Sweaty article here. Fatty article here.

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