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2 seatbelt violations = 1 rape?

Ted Balaker
August 3, 2005, 3:18pm

Charles Oliver notes that police in Thames Valley, England have set up a point system they say will help officers prioritize their work. The goal for each officer is to rack up at least 200 points a month: At least one person has pointed out that this might not be the best way to prioritize: Article here. For U.S. examples of screwy priorities, go here and here And for an example of proper prioritization, go here. Here Bjorn Lomborg addresses prioritization in environmental policy. Oliver also points to this article which tells the story of a Pennsylvania lawmaker who has introduced a bill that would force motorists to use a modified doggie seat belt or carrier box to restrain their pooches. For my take on seat belt laws, go here and here. And in related news: More here.

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