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More Job Creation Discovered in Non-Existent Congressional Districts

Got to love transparency. Building on Sam Staley's post from earlier today—pointing out how MPI discovered the government was reporting job creation numbers in 12 districts that don't exist—there is now a slew of reports pointing out bogus job creation numbers. An ABC News report highlighted several of them:

  • Arizona 15th district, $761,420 spent for 30 jobs... but Arizona only has 8 districts
  • Arizona 86th district, $34 million spent on the Navajo Housing authority... but that project is in the 1st district
  • Connecticut 42nd district, $0 spent for 25 jobs... beyond the confusing spending aspect, but the state only has 5 districts
  • Iowa, $10.6 million for 39 jobs in nonexistent districts
  • Oklahoma, $19 million for 15 jobs in nonexistent districts
  • Virgin Islands 99th district, $8.4 million for 40.3 jobs... uh, they don't even have one congressional district
  • Northern Mariana Islands 69th district, $1.5 million for .3 jobs... too bad they don't have any districts, cause I'd love to be the leg of some dude who is getting paid $1.5 million
  • Puerto Rico 99th district, $47.7 million for 291 jobs... they voted down entry into the union multiple times, so they don't have any congressional votes.

The administration claims this is human error. And it probably is. So we can safely say that the bogus job creation numbers are human error too. That, nevertheless, still means they are bogus.

Anthony Randazzo is Director of Economic Research

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Comments to "More Job Creation Discovered in Non-Existent Congressional Districts":

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