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Look whoís slimming down

    "It makes some of the Republican administrations across the country look bad, if the bastion of liberalness is taking the lead on this," [David Williams of Citizens Against Government Waste] said with a laugh.

San Francisco's hipster Mayor, Gavin Newson, is taking aim at city spending. He's targeting things like cars, cell phones and copiers:

    [C]opying costs alone more than doubled from 2001 to 2002 from $7.4 million to $15.1 million.

    Under the Newsom administration, San Francisco has trimmed its car fleet by 370 vehicles saving taxpayers $2.2 million, while cell phone use is $1.9 million under budget and copier- and print-related expenditures are down $1.8 million over last year, according to the Department of Administrative Services.

Article here; via the mayor's own blog.

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