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Ira Gershkoff has over 25 years experience in airline operations and IT, in positions ranging from analyst to vice president. He is a recognized leader in streamlining processes to improve performance, with a smooth transition from the old to the new. Recent work has resulted in patentpending technology to vary airline schedules in response to fluctuations in demand. Benchmark tests show profitability improvement of tens to hundreds of millions of dollars for major carriers. He was winner of a Small Business Innovation Research grant from the National Science Foundation and has applied the technology to additional applications for air taxi and air charter services. Previously he provided strategic IT consulting services examining the costs, benefits and risks of transitioning from a point-of-sale system to a centralized application model, which resulted in long-term savings of $2 million per year in network maintenance costs. He has also evaluated crew scheduling procedures for four airlines, with recommended process changes expected to result in savings of up to $2.5 million annually. 


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